We were mooching around, admiring the stunning watches designed by some of the 'micro-brands', when we found a post here that really rang true:

"I don’t care about economic status and in some ways dislike what a Rolex stands for – it has nothing to do with individuality, creativity, or uniqueness. It has to do with whether you’ve Made It in The System. It is purely an economic status symbol (this is not to say that Rolex doesn’t make nice watches – they do – but like any object, it means more than just its physical presentation).

I do admit to caring about what micro-brands can represent: a unique vision of pioneering creativity. Maybe (xxx) as a company won’t be around in five years. Maybe my watch will be an artifact by then, out-dated. But I will like what it means: a moment in time when someone brought their vision into reality, and simply for the pure joy of it."

Someone bringing a unique vision to reality simply for the pure joy of it.

Yep, we can understand that.