Sir Robin Knox-Johnston introduces Clipper Race 3 in this 60 second preview.
Cape Town to Albany, W. Australia.  Ocean racing doesn't get any more extreme than this.
The Southern Ocean beckons - a relative sprint at 24 days, it's revered and feared in equal measure.

Elliot Brown's Crew Edition watches are going through a hammering right now on the wrists of skippers and Matt Ogg our ambassador aboard "Da Nang - Viet Nam", as they race around the globe. As wear testing goes - it doesn't get much tougher.

Matt's previous blog post reveals his apprehension for this leg of the race.  Very few people have been there, even fewer have raced there - negotiating waves the size of tower blocks, 4 hours on, 4 hours off, non-stop, constantly wet through... and half of it in the dark.