We set out to make the toughest watches.  Sounds great but it carries with it a responsibility to make sure our testing is more rigorous and exacting than anything we've done before.  Alex has just returned from the factory delighted by the standard we're setting.  After pressure testing in compressed air twice during construction, every watch is tested "wet" to an equivalent depth of 200m for 10 mins.

Straight after the wet pressure test, we heat them up to 45 degrees celcius then drop some water on the face to test if any condensation forms inside.`Only once they've passed do they progress to the next stage of testing and QC. 

It effectively means we're selling watches that have already been through the mill, but we can rest knowing we've done everything possible to make sure you and your Elliot Brown have a long and happy time together.  It's what makes us tick. (sorry!)