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Pip O’Sullivan our ambassador aboard GREAT Britian in the Clipper Race gives us a taste of Leg 1.

Liverpool to Punta Del Este, Uruguay, the longest ever leg of the Clipper Race at 6300nM, 33 days, racing 24 hours every day.

As well as sailing the yacht, Pip’s other duty is that of Victualler meaning that before every leg and in every port, she has to plan each meal, anticipate the length of each leg and buy every morsel of food and drink to fuel her crew aboard GREAT Britain
 as they race around the globe.

Pip leg 1 Great Britian

When I was selected as an Elliot Brown ambassador on the Clipper Race, I was very ...

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James Macfee leg 1

Leg 1 - Liverpool, UK to Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Distance: 6,300 nautical miles (officially, many more in reality) Number of souls on board: 24
Number of days at sea: 33
Finish position: 8th

We have arrived in Punta and what a good feeling that is. This first leg has lived up to all my expectations and more but it has also shed all apprehension about the length of the race as a whole. After 33 days and in reality many more miles than the official leg length of 6,300nM I was not as excited to get off the boat as I expected to be. In fact I could have easily just had a shower, a nap and head...

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Today the Clipper Race gets underway once more on Leg 2.
3560nM from Punta Del Este in Uruguay to Cape Town South Africa.

Lively weather systems and lumpy seas will make this leg a bumpy ride with life at 45% being the norm.
The crews work split shifts 24 hours a day, often in what becomes an intense match race with little rest, no dryers, no heating and no showers yet speak to any of the crew and their eyes light up because there's something incredibly attractive about stripping back to life's essentials and being part of an amateur team faced with one of the toughest challenges.  As our am...

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EB Firefighter

The Firefighter - by Ian Elliot

In 2014 we agreed to support firefighter Billy Taylor in a race to row across the Pacific. As a founder of the Spotlight YOPD charity for young onset Parkinson’s Disease, Billy managed to raise huge awareness during the arduous race. Astonishingly, his team secured not one but two world records and his Elliot Brown watch didn’t miss a beat despite incredible punishment over the duration of the race. 

A little while later Billy’s friend and fellow firefighter Scott Butler was about to set off and break records of his own rowing the black sea then climbing Moun...

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Fraser Corsan exiting his plane at altitude

An Elliot Brown Bloxworth was strapped to the wrist of Fraser Corsan as he jumps out of a plane achieving 249 mph in a wingsuit! Fastest Bloxworth ever? Might just be. 

Project Cirrus is summarised on their website as: "Sixteen years ago, Fraser Corsan was one of only 15 wingsuit pilots globally. Add all 1,300 of his wingsuit jumps together and he’s flown the distance from New York to Mumbai. He’s experienced over two days of continuous freefall. He’s fallen a vertical height equal to 108 times the distance from earth to space. But it will take all the experience, intelligence, strength an...

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