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EB Watches Kimmeridge Ladies watch

We have worked very hard since we started Elliot Brown to build our watches tough and rugged, ready to take on whatever is thrown at them. Almost immediately they were adopted by adventurers who test their own limits and expect their gear to be just as adaptable from the everyday to the extraordinary. We are guys and we went with what we know in this respect but we found, again quite quickly, that the fairer sex was a bit green eyed about the watches we were producing on the wrists of the guys.

There are ladies who wear the watches we have produced to date and love them, but at this point ...

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Deer in a Day

2 February 2017

Deer in a day.. intrigued?  so were we.

The carnivore in me has always prompted the simplistic view that if you’re going to eat meat, it’s good to understand how it arrives on the table.  Last weekend I took part in a day where we sympathetically butchered and cooked just about every bit of a local deer. The experience was so good, we felt Owen and his team at Land & Wave deserved a mention.

We met Owen last year on an industry camp out, learning woodland skills and loved every minute.
When an opportunity arose to join their ‘Deer in a Day’ course it was an easy decision and the idea of usin...

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The Tyneham

12 January 2017

We wanted to build an automatic, designed with real care and attention to detail; an all-day-every-day automatic with durability built in, but in a typically subtle EB way.

The Tyneham’s elegance comes from the relationship between two views; from the side, the case appears almost slabby, with only a deliberate, tapering undercut surface next to your wrist to soften its lines. In plan view however, our trademark deliberately short, narrow shoulders transform it into something luxurious yet clearly robust with shoulders that are slender for the apparent heft of the case, and it’s this relat...

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As the teams head south to round the southern coast of Australia, will they head further south in search of the infamous Westerlies or take a shorter route but risk lighter conditions.  What will the boat speeds get up to as they surf 70ft ocean racing yachts down huge swells.

As the official timekeepers for the Clipper Round the World Race 2015 -16 we were asked if we’d like to name one of the races.  Choosing race 4 was a natural choice - surf, strong wind and hopefully some sun on their backs to keep spirits high.  2,088 nautical miles 11-14 days non stop, wind permitting.

The heat is on...

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Clipper Leg 7, Races 10 & 11 round the Americas

Leg 7, Race 10: Seattle, USA - Panama City, Panama

New boat. New regime. Hopping across to the shorthanded Ichorcoal for Leg 7 and the race down the west coast of the Americas, it was game on. Settling into a new management style, fresh faces, new tips and tricks. And a lot of laughter.

Seasickness may have taken its toll on the crew, but the little crew that could put in a strong performance at race start leading in the first few hours after race start. After a couple of days upwind the spinnakers were up and down for the foreseeable future.

Tricky helming under kite, particularly at night,...

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Set Ascending Direction

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